Preparing Your Car for Shipping: A Comprehensive Checklist for a Smooth Transport

Curious about the steps to preepar your car for shipping? Read our blog post to learn more.

1/1/20251 min read

Complete Car Shipping Preparation Checklist for Safe Vehicle Transport

Properly preparing your vehicle for auto transport is vital to ensure secure door-to-door delivery without damage. As an experienced carrier, Ship Vehicles outlines every step in our white-glove car shipping process so you know what to expect.

Follow this comprehensive preparation checklist before your scheduled pickup:

Thorough Vehicle Inspection

- Check exterior paint and interior upholstery for existing flaws

- Document all prior damage with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos

Remove Personal Items and Valuables

- Take out contents that could shift and get damaged during transit

- Double check center console, glovebox, trunk for any overlooked items

Check Mechanical Components

- Inspect battery, fluid levels, tire treads and pressure by a mechanic

- Address any issues to prevent problems during transport

Ensure Proper Gas Level and Tires

- Fill gas tank to 1/4 full to lower weight and allow for vehicle movement

- Properly inflate tires, including spare, for safe handling

Secure Vehicle Access

- Provide spare key for seamless loading and transport

- Disable alarm and remove toll tags to prevent false alarms

Gather Documentation

- Have registration, insurance, and title ready to show legal ownership

- Share documentation and condition report with us upfront

Trust Ship Vehicles' 5-star rated specialists to walk you through every preparation step when scheduling free quotes for your upcoming shipment. Reach out now to start the process and secure your car's safe delivery.