Our Miami Gardens Car Shipping services

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport provides an economical way to ship your vehicle across the country using an open multi-level carrier that allows easy loading and transport of several vehicles at once.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car shipping is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage during transport. Most vehicles that are damaged during the auto transport process are damaged during pickup and delivery of other vehicles.

Door To Door

Door to door auto transport allows convenient shipment of vehicles with carriers picking up and delivering your car or truck as close as possible to your specified locations. This end-to-end service ensures ease and efficiency when you need to ship a vehicle across the country.

Military Car Shipping

Specialized auto transporters ship vehicles for military members across the country during relocations using enclosed trailers for discreet, secure delivery. For oversized military vehicles, car transport companies with heavy haul equipment provide expert vehicle transport solutions to meet defense department shipping requirements.

Hawaii Car Shipping

Shipping vehicles from the mainland US to Hawaii islands involves set port prices and maritime regulations, unlike variable quotes from auto transport truckers driving standard cross-country routes. Working with knowledgeable auto shipping experts ensures your California car makes the overseas journey to Hawaii properly by ocean carrier in compliance with port authorities' vehicle transport rules.

Snowbird Auto Transport

Seasonal auto shipping meets transportation needs for customers with multi-location residences, allowing vehicles to be driven at seasonal homes. Professional transporters enable thousands of car owners to reliably ship cars and trucks every year between their main homes and winter or summer vacation properties across the United States.